Before the Internet was invented, the only way to advertise sailings was by putting up posters, printing leaflets to give out and advertising in the local papers !

Here are some of the ways the White Funnel Fleet advertised their sailings during Balmoral's lifetime.


In the 1950's and 60's many companies organised outings for their employees.  The steamers were incredibly popular for this.

Note that you had to write in for information, by post.  No emails or texts !



Lightweight paper 'hand bills' were used to provide timetables and details of specific trips. Campbells linked up with coach and railway services to give a full day out.


As well as individuals and families, Campbell agents were looking for block bookings. Again, you had to cut out and post the coupon to their office.


Today it would be a disco.  In the 1960's there was a live band aboard.


This poster shows the paddle steamer Cardiff Queen anchored off Lundy Island with small motor boats taking day passengers ashore. 

Posters like these were put up in the company offices and on advertising boards in towns where the steamers called. 

This poster was salvaged from a skip when the Campbell's Ilfracombe office was closed down.

A 1970's magazine advertisement.  The four digit phone number was only for local calls.  Long distance 'subscriber trunk dialling' as it was called was very expensive, especially on weekday mornings.  Mobile phones hadn't been invented as we know them today - in fact in the UK,  even a hands free phone was illegal to use !

It was cheaper to call in or send a letter !  All tickets were paid for in advance by cheque or on the day - in cash.  Bank cards hadn't been invented.


40 years later, you could book by internet, phone or email and pay by card or e-banking.

A 'retro style' poster produced for the 2016-7 season,  beautifully illustrating what coastal cruising is all about.