About the Iona Circle.

Updated Autumn 2021

The original  IONA CIRCLE was originally opened in 1998 as a non denominational healing development circle based on the teachings and practices of the NFSH ( Healing Trust ) although not affiliated to the organisation.  It soon became a mixed healing and development group for aspiring mediums and anyone with an interest in spiritual work.

We have over 150 years combined experience of spiritual work between our lead members. We use our abilities and knowledge both to train members so that they can progress their spiritual development and offer spiritual and reiki healing and training, although not to any affiliated standard. We also investigate and assist people who are experiencing what may be paranormal events.

The Circle became well known for hosting spiritual workshops,  training courses and performing spirit rescue and ghost clearing as well as providing a welcoming and genuine base for aspiring mediums and healers to find their feet without the mumbo jumbo that so often accompanies spiritual work.  The late Bill Harrison was the circle's inspiration for many years and his no nonsense approach has always been the fundamental principle of our teaching.

 Due to the interests of the core members the Iona Circle  became a closed group specialising in trance mediumship, clearing and spirit rescue work and similar activities until 2016 when the original founders took a short break. 

In 2017 we went back to our roots with Iona Lite for beginners and those seeking to start their journey with  like minded people, catering for anyone at the very start of their spiritual journey. Our aim has always been to help new members develop in their own way at their own pace while providing a safe and friendly environment and to use best practice at all times.   At this time we opened the Iwood Circle, an open group with a greater emphasis on discussion, healing and esoteric subjects.  This ran for a time but closed in Summer 2019. We continued with The Iona Circle operating to the original format as a closed circle with outreach to do on site investigations, clearance and support.

When Covid arrived, we obviously had to close.  People sitting in a circle in a room was not sensible.  Unfortunately due to the continuous occurrence of the virus we have had to put indoor activities on hold until further notice.  We are still available for spirit rescue and clearances but group meetings can't take place for the time being.


What are open and closed groups ?

Open group:  regular meetings with variable attendance. Typically a beginners and improvers group although in depth activities may take place.  Occasional lectures and visits.  People try to come regularly but it isn't essential. We have a programme with a number of different activities and welcome new members who want to test the water. There is no maximum number of people although it is usually about 15 at each meeting with a larger membership who attend when they can.

Closed group: a smaller number of regular sitters who do all they possibly can to come to every meeting.  This has a much more formal approach with a set procedure each week and longer meditations. Specific in depth activities are carried out as necessary and this can include trance work and channeling.  Membership is limited  with a waiting list. Joining is by informal application and we like to meet to explain and discuss first. It is a fascinating activity but much more formal than an open group and commitment is essential


A note about our activities.

Our fundamental philosophy is that everything is done for the highest good.  All meetings start and close with a non denominational prayer.

You won't find that the Iona Circle group deals in weird rituals and strange beliefs.  OK, spiritualism might be regarded by some as a bit strange, but we don't sing to dolphins ( and singing with them is out of the question as the Bristol Channel  is far too muddy and cold), we don't meditate on mountains and certainly don't hold naked fire dancing rituals under the full moon or go on supra-dimensional tree hugging trips.   

In spiritual work, a huge amount of utter rubbish is spouted by people who set themselves up as 'experts' and 'practitioners' in very abstruse subjects. Our philosophy is that in many cases the longer the words and the more  "qualifications", the higher the charge and the fewer results. We work on the KISS principle - keep it spiritually simple.  Then you can't go far wrong.