The Iona Circle.


WHAT:       Spiritual Development Circle for more experienced sitters. Mediumship, trance and spirit rescue.

WHEN:      One evening per week in term time.

WHERE:    North Somerset.



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What we do.

The Iona Circle is not a beginners group and is for more experienced people. We sit in circle, meditate and seek to make contact with the spirit world in carefully controlled conditions.  We do not get involved with the occult or  any form of uncontrolled psychic activity. The normal routine for an evening meeting is a 30 minute guided or quiet meditation followed by the evening activity. Meetings usually last about 2 -3 hours with a short break.

The group is a closed circle - we have a waiting list to join  but welcome experienced people from other groups or who are new to the area. If you join the Iona Circle, you will be expected to attend regularly.

The Iona Circle is non denominational. 

A sense of humor helps - so does a liking for tea and bikkies.  While we take what we do extremely seriously there is always time for some repartee and a laugh.

We run occasional trips to interesting spiritual places.