Spirit Rescue and Space Clearing.


WHAT:        Space clearing and laying to rest of unquiet spirits.

WHEN:       By arrangement.

WHERE:     North Somerset and surrounding areas.

COST:        No cost but we may ask for fuel money, tea and bikkies !


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What we do.

This is similar to our paranormal investigation work but has an entirely spiritual approach.

There will be times when a location or possibly an object has what may be paranormal disturbances, associations,  negative energy  or even  spiritual or ghostly activity  and the use of modern technical and electrical equipment is unsuitable. Our members attempt to find out what is behind the problem and if we think suitable, to conduct a 'clearing' to bring peace and harmony to the area. This is usually very low key and informal.

Soon after the Circle was formed in 1998 we were asked to take on cases where people believed that their home, place of work or other location appeared to be haunted or where there were unexplained activities that caused concern and often seriously frightened the people involved.  Over the years we have visited haunted houses, pubs, factories, care homes and roadways.


What is spirit rescue ?

It is as old as religion,  although most religions seem to claim a monopoly!

Spirit rescue is performed to help both people who are experiencing a problem and to assist  an earthbound or distressed spirit ('ghost') move on to the next stage of development - literally  laying to rest, thereby clearing the space for the living so that the emotions and events fade out and things return to normal.   

The aim of a rescue is to reassure, help and to encourage the distressed soul to progress to the next stage.  There are many ways this can be done, but  often  it helps to do historical research so that the group involved in the rescue and those who have experienced the 'haunting' can appreciate and understand the problem faced by the trapped soul.  By understanding who the person was in an earthly life and why it can't progress, helpers can build a relationship and trust. That may sound crazy, but imagine being lost and alone in a strange city - if someone comes up and offers to help, what would your reaction be?  Initially distrust and suspicion, eventually followed by acceptance.  Likewise, a religious service may help, but if the person wasn't too keen on ceremony during their lifetime or was of a different faith, it may cause a degree of friction! These things can take time.

Some need to have a story told, perhaps to correct  an injustice, or they may have to be persuaded to leave their earthly possessions behind and progress.  Some need a  merest nudge, others may require a long period of research and investigation and the piecing together or the causes of an accident of fatality to let the world know the truth.  This is particularly true if blame has been wrongly apportioned or there is a feeling of guilt. Occasionally a spirit may be entrenched or even obstinate and refuse to move, in which case it might be necessary to apply considerable persuasion ! The key to the problem is to understand the reasons why the spirit is clinging to the old existence.  Once you appreciate that, the answer is usually relatively simple - however it may not be easy and the longest project to date took almost 2 years of research!



We do NOT conduct exorcisms or attempt to 'drive out' discarnate entities.  Instead our preferred approach is to discover the history of the site and the issues involved and the preferred technique is to negotiate a peaceful settlement for all concerned. 

As with all spiritual work, this is an entirely subjective matter and while we will do our best to assist where we feel we can, we make no claim to achieve any particular result.