Paranormal Investigations.



WHAT:      Paranormal investigations with state of the art electronic equipment -

                  ...... and traditional old style mediumship.

WHEN:     By request at a mutually convenient time.

WHERE:   North Somerset and surrounding area.

WHO:       Iona Circle team. 

COST:      No cost but we may ask for fuel money, tea and bikkies !


Email us at  :




What we do.

In three words .... we clear ghosts ! 

Actually that's not quite correct ... we aim to resolve issues and restore peace, calm and good vibes to a location - we don't arrive ringing bells, blowing conch shells and burning stinking bundles of dried leaves with a vacuum cleaner attached to the roof of the car. The aim is resolution, not to drive out a distressed spirit ! Above all, we use common sense !

Our investigations have covered a wide area, which include woodland, people’s homes, commercial properties, ships and even aircraft crash sites.

We operate in a different way to most other paranormal investigation groups as our emphasis is both in discovering the underlying reason behind any disturbances and attempting to clear the problem with minimal disruption and fuss. Proving it exists is only part of the job !

We combine traditional mediumship and psychic skills with state of the art high-tech detection equipment.  We have a range of tools including specially made and electro-magnetic detectors, computer logging equipment and the usual range of video  cameras, heat detection and movement sensors.  We also have devices that in some cases appear to enable a ‘real time’ communication with what we believe to be the spirit world.  This has been featured on television and the group has taken part in several televised investigations.

Rather than just investigating an issue, we aim to use of our psychic  abilities and technical investigation tools to build up a picture of what is going on in a ‘haunted’ location and then use multiple ways to determine the source of any activity. However rather than accepting a single piece of evidence ( a 'hit' ) to claim that there may be an issue, our range of hi-tech equipment allows us to make a much more in depth survey of the location and seek confirmation from multiple 'hits' on our devices.  We attempt to determine if there is something in the physical environment that is causing  the disturbance of if there may be more to issue.  Using this technique, we have many successful investigations under our belt, which has enabled us to not only help the owners, but the spirit world too.

If you have something unusual happing and you would like us to investigate, in the first instance please send us an email, with you contact details, and outlining as much detail as you can, what you are experiencing and why you want us to help.

Clearly we are unable to guarantee a result but we will do our best to help.