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This web site and the memorial are the result of the work, effort and generosity of many people, from the Island, the mainland, Europe, Canada and Australia. The project has taken thousands of hours to create and maintain.  If you visit the site or use the information for research, please respect the memories and wishes of those who survived and those who didn't make it on that fateful day. Please remember also the feelings of the rescuers, witnesses and  families of all those involved.

We would be pleased to receive comments or memories from anyone with knowledge of, or connections with, the incident, or with Channel Airways.  

This is a big site with many links  You can either skim or delve into the details. To read it fully will take you several hours and there are many links from the main page. It is maintained as a labour of love - it is in no way commercial and takes a great deal of time and money to maintain.

No names are given and you will find no details of the actual crash on this website other than locations and times.    This is a deliberate decision to preserve the dignity and privacy of those involved and their families.  

If relatives of those involved wish to make contact with each other, we will be pleased to facilitate this. Please use the EMAIL LINK to do so.

All times are given in G.M.T.

From time to time we receive requests for information about the accident.  Obviously we have far more than appears on the site, but much has come from those involved and it must remain private. We would love to hear from you with information and comments about the site,  but please respect the privacy of those involved.  If you wish to contact anyone, follow the link below and we will pass the message.  However many involved have asked that their privacy be respected and this is, and always will be,  paramount.

We would be interested to know how you heard of this site and any comments you have - please email using the link. A great deal of associated information has come from messages sent by visitors to the site and we will be happy to add your address to our e-mailing list which is used to distribute information from time to time.  This is not a commercial web site and you will only receive information directly related to this subject.

Thank you for visiting.

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6th May 1962

G-AGZB in May 1962.  Possibly the last photograph ever taken of the aircraft.

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